Lessons via SKYPE



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What do you get?

  • You learn from your home
  • Optimization of your time
  • Interesting lessons based on your needs without boring excercises from textbooks
  • You don´t have to be afraid of speaking in a foreign language - we will do our best to teach you everything you need 


"We enjoy teaching and we will do our best for you to enjoy learning with us"


What do you need?

  • Motivation and good mood
  • Access to the Internet and SKYPE
  • Phones, mike and camera


How does it work?


Take a FREE trial lesson that takes 30 minutes. During this trial lesson you will get an idea about the teaching method. 


Our method is very interactive, dynamic and efficient with a focus on practical day-to-day conversation. As for the content of our lessons, we will make them according to your individual requirements and needs. We will send you the learning material before each lesson.


A regular SKYPE lesson takes 60 minutes. If you wish longer lessons, just tell us. 


How to order and pay?


The payment is always made in advance via PayPal or directly to our bank account. After the confirmation of your payment, the lessons can start at the agreed time.  


The learning package is paid once per month and you decide how many lessons you want to take. The price depends on the number of lessons per month. The minimum number of lessons per month is three lessons.


The day and time of lessons is flexible and it is up to you to decide when you want to have them - we will do our best to meet you requirements. Your lessons can take place every day, including weekends and holidays.


If you cannot for whatever reason have your lessons, you will not loose your money - you can agree with your teacher on another date and time, however, the deadline for doing this is one month.


For more information feel free to CONTACT us.